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Houses For Sale was built on one belief that "by working together we can achieve something that we never could alone". To check the pricing of your exclusive Zip Code please check our interactive map, there you can watch a short one minute video to see how Houses For Sale is Hyper-localizing individual locations on a national scale.

Below is some of the features included  with your exclusive Zip Code:

  • An Exclusive Zip Code, we only sale the Zip Code to one Agent,
  • Your own Exclusive Hyper-location defined by your Zip Code, "Houses for Sale in Dallas" for example,
  • Passive and Active Lead Generation.
  • Your own Website with unlimited hyper-local landing pages including hyper-local neighborhood landing pages. with Blogs and Vlogs,
  • All leads are automatically sent straight to you via email (Text coming soon), and;
  • Use of the patent pending agent share button which allows you to post on any digital format (Social Media, Facebook or email in two clicks) this is great for branding!

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I am the creator of Houses For Sale and below is an example profile that is meant to help guide Agents and Brokers when filling out their Agent Landing Page, this is the hub of your personal website.  We have worked very hard to take out all the "tecky" stuff  making it easy for anyone to use  All of the hyper-local links on the right were created by a few clicks.  Being built by Agents we knew that  we had to build something incredible simple and easy to use and what works for one Agent does not necessarily work for everyone.  So we built something that is incredibly simple and easy to use.  For example, once you buy your zip and upload your Photo you Photo, Phone Number and Email will appear on every listing in your Zip Code.   If a lead request information on that property the leads information is emailed instantly to you......and  this is the just the tip of the iceberg!

About the Founder

John Brown is the owner of Houses For Sale and has an uncanny ability to recognize opportunities, formulate a plan-of-action, assemble teams of industry leaders, and consistently execute desired outcomes. He can take the most complicated transaction, massage and mold it into an elegant solution, so that all parties involved are satisfied.

John earned his undergraduate degree from Northwestern in Aviation Science and Business, while building his first full size aircraft. This aircraft, which was a prototype -first of its kind- was designed, built, and flown by John, thus capturing a small footnote in aviation history.  After spending a career in experimental aerospace John moved into Real Estate an quickly saw an opportunity to create a platform that was different. One that placed the Agents in front of profits.... and that's how Houses For Sale was born.


  • John Brown is true professional! From the first day we met at an open house, we knew we had found the right agent. She took the time to learn what type of home was important to us and what our needs were. She thoroughly researched select properties for us and saved us from many of the pitfalls house hunters experience going it alone.--Kristie, Wylie Tx
  • John's professionalism and industry knowledge are unsurpassed. From She knows our market area and always put our interests before anything else. In addition to her technical skills, Donna is such a fun caring person. I would recommend her to any of my family or friends!-- Stacy, Murphy Tx

These are the areas in Texas  in which I focus my efforts and mainly offer services: