4 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

  1. Less Competition
    • Many people won't put their homes on the market during the holidays for a variety of reasons....they don't want the interruptions for showings; it's hard to keep the house neat and organized; the weather can be off-putting in cold, snowy regions. Whatever the reason, if you choose to list before the spring (most sellers' preference), there will be fewer houses available, increasing the chances your home will sell quickly.
  2. Buyers are More Serious
    • Anyone looking for a new home between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is most likely a serious buyer. While many Americans enjoy going to open houses in the spring, very few will take time out of their busy holiday schedule to peruse the housing market. Therefore, if you list your home in the winter, chances are strong that person is serious and ready to buy.
  3. Your Home Looks Very Appealing
    • During the holidays, you can stage your home to look and feel warm and cozy. This helps buyers imagine their own celebrations in your home the following year. Some sellers balk because they feel snow on the ground reduces its curb appeal or are afraid the house might be drafty. Overcome these obstacles by keeping the thermostat up and your driveway and sidewalks free from snow and ice.
  4. The Neighborhood Looks Festive and Attractive
    • Towns trim their streets and lamp posts with snowflakes, candy canes or other lighted decorations giving the community a festive appearance. Throughout the neighborhood, many people dress up their homes with holiday decorations and lights, too. Buyers will see the area in a different light and may want to make an offer on your home.

There are other reasons to consider selling your home this holiday season. Call or text me and I'll be happy to share my thoughts and expertise with you!

Happy Holidays!!