Realtor Expertise With Added Value - Support For Your Move

What does “Realtor Expertise with Added Value” mean? It means you get MORE than what you EXPECT from a Realtor.

As a Realtor I provide real estate expertise.  But that’s not added value because as a client you should EXPECT that of a Realtor. Added value is created by receiving MORE than you EXPECT.  I add value by offering service to support the entire move of my clients.  I do this by giving each client an allowance to spend on services that help the most.  The end result is my clients move in to their new homes feeling like they were supported throughout the entire moving process.  In turn value brings repeat business and referrals. Everybody Wins!

Why do I do this?  Before becoming a Realtor I spent 16 years buying, selling, and managing residential investment properties all over the Wichita area.  In that time I encountered countless real estate agents through the eyes of the client and found the best agents never sold me a home, they sold me Trust, Expertise, and Value.  My service is really pretty simple, TRUST, EXPERTISE, VALUE throughout the entire moving process.  I call it Realtor Expertise with Added Value!