Off-Season Buying and Selling

How many people do you know that chose to move right after school let out in May/June? In real estate, the "Selling Season" is typically June-August but I prefer to do the majority of my business in the off season. There are several advantages to avoiding the frenzy of summer even if it seems like there are some inconveniences, especially if you have school-aged children.

The end of August brings the end of summer and beginning of the school year in Colorado. One benefit to buying/selling between August and May is that most people are in a routine, vacations are over (aside from holidays), and there is less competition in the marketplace. It is easy to pause showings if you have family coming in for the holidays so there's no worry about intrusions during your gatherings.

Benefits for Sellers

As winter sets in you don't have to worry about how the yard looks under the snow. It is good to have some recent spring/summer/fall photos available to add to the listing for potential buyers. Off season buyers are typically more serious than the summer "lookeyloos." With less competition there is usually some breathing room so that the buyer doesn't rush into an offer only to have second thoughts and terminate the contract, not ideal for anyone. Finally, you have the chance to show off your house with seasonal and holiday decorations, creating an inviting and warm environment for buyers!

Benefits for Buyers

As I mentioned before, there is usually less competition in the marketplace outside of the summer months, especially as you get into the holiday season (November-December). Since not many people want to move in winter, you will not only be negotiating with motivated Sellers but you're more likely to get a great rate on moving services. And if your new place needs some paint, carpet, updates, etc, hiring locally owned professionals can be much cheaper in January-February when business is slow.

Even though traditionally most real estate transactions take place over the summer, it is worthwhile to explore the option of selling off-season with your agent. It can create a win-win for everyone involved!