How Much Is My Cape Coral Home Worth?

One of the most common topics I see in Real Estate is when I'm asked how much is my Cape Coral home worth?  There are different ways to find out how much houses for sale in Cape Coral are worth.  There is a lot of research and work to be done prior to being able to give you an accurate  value of your home.   Zillow estimates seem to be way off the mark, Lee county tax appraisers value is normally undervalued due to exemptions and being behind the current market trends, taking the square foot of the property and multiplying it by the average home sold price per square foot, and you cannot always justify a value higher than what you paid for the property.   The research I do will give you a much more accurate opinion of value than a Zillow estimate.  In fact Investopedia claims that Zillow estimates are not as accurate as you think.  Click here to read the article.   Click the picture below to get a ball park value of your home instantly.  For the most accurate fair market value of your home call/text Joshua Painter P.A. at 239-425-5255.

I will quickly walk you through the steps of preparing a value of your home.  First we interview the owner and ask them a series of questions. How old is your home? How many bedrooms and bathrooms does your Cape Coral home have? How much land is included in the sale of the home? What upgrades have you done to your home? Is your Cape Coral home located in a flood zone? Do you live on a salt water or Fresh Water Canal?

After we find out about the features and benefits from the seller we get to work.  First we check out the Lee County Property Appraisers website to get the assessed information about your property.  Next we check the permits at lee county government to see how old the roof and air conditioner is.  This is an important step to find out the condition of the property. My next step is to research the property in the Multiple listing Service to see when it last sold and to see if there were any current pictures of the property listed there. (see below picture was taken from the MLS)  We also need to check with the city of Cape Coral and request a payoff from them for the city water and sewer assessments.

Next we need to input the criteria of your home in the search parameters and Look at Cape Coral homes that are similar in size and location to yours that have sold in the last 3 months, currently under contract, and your active competition.  See Below

From here we can generate statistics that can back up and validate a price based on homes that sold in Cape Coral that are similar to yours.  click here to find out what the value of your Cape Coral home is right now.

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