Preparing your Cape Coral Home for a Hurricane.

Be Proactive and get ahead of the problems.

Take a little time and check your home find out if there are any little things you can do to bring it up to the local hurricane building code.  Check your local news sources to find out if you have been ordered to evacuate.  Take  a little time to get sandbags around low lying areas.  Secure outdoor furniture and anything that can blow away and cause damage.   Consult for videos on how to build storm shutters if your home does not have them.

  1. Bring in outdoor furniture. and pick up your yard.
  2. Trim trees so that high winds do not turn the dead limbs into projectiles
  3. put up your storm shutters

Call your insurance company and get a check up

  • Call your insurance agent and check to make sure your plan covers repairs or replacement of your home in case of a Hurricane.
  • Take a video or capture photos of important documents and  save them in a secure place you will have access to them in an emergency situation.
  • Purchase flood insurance to cover the heavy rains and storm surge associated with a hurricane.
  • Check your insurance policy to ensure it covers damage from the dangers associated with hurricanes like high winds and airborne damage from flying objects.
  • Flood Insurance takes 30 days to begin give yourself plenty of time.

Prepare your family supply kit

You may not be able to get your family evacuated so you might need to stay in place.  You will need supplies to to get you through the first 3 days or until power is restored to normal.  Make sure you have enough food and water to last a minimum of 3 days.  Click here to build your personalized checklist.

All Hazards guide for Lee County Florida.