Professional photography helps sell homes.

There is no doubt that professional photography will help get clients through the door to look at your house.

A common myth is that the buyers always think that the pictures look better than the house is in person.  That can be true and there are ways to avoid this.  Here are some:

1. Don't use a fisheye lens, always use a professional photographer that has a 10mm-35 mm range for interior shots.

2. Don't take drone shots above the house to get better views.  People will think that this is the view that you can get from any point of the house and may feel deceived.  Rather, take drone shot of the house from far away angles as if your neighbors could see the house if they were on a ladder somewhere. :)

3. Don't over edit.  Some pictures look dreamy and whimsical but it's probably best to keep pictures as clear and natural as possible.

4. Turn on all of the lights in the house for better visuals and picture taking.

5. De-clutter as to make the house look like it's neat and well taken care of.  Do not take pictures of messy rooms, closets, etc