Competitive Market Analysis and Market Trends are only part of the equation when determining Price. Market Conditions (Time), Sq Ft, # Bedrooms, # Baths, Style, Location, Utilities, Zoning, all come in to play. Throw in Supply and Demand and a 5-10% variance seems reasonable. But, pricing your home 5-10% off of True Market Value can torpedo our chances of selling your home.

By looking at Sold Comparisons, we can determine the PRICE RANGE of our Buyers, as well as our Competitors. But, utilizing my How's The Market? market analytics and trends reporting tool, we can arrive at the absolute best price to market your home at, using real time conditions and current homes for sale pricing. This takes all of the guesswork out of pricing your home and increases your chances of selling your home within a 30 day period, and for the most money possible. It gives you an unfair advantage. And that is what you are looking for, isn't it?