Bradfield Farms 2017 Market Snapshot!

Greetings! I'm your neighborhood agent, who lived in Bradfield Farms (off Brancusi!) and loves the community and all it has to offer, It's time for the 2017 Look Back at what's going on in the neighborhood for Real Estate!

I'm sure you've read a lot about the market and how strong it is, and it's true! There's a shortage of homes on the market, and buyers can have limited choices.  Houses in good shape, priced right, and in good areas tend to sell quickly!

But how does this translate into Bradfield Farms specifically?

So here we'll take a look at the housing market and how Bradfield Farms is doing, as well as an update of what's for sale and moving in our community right now!

Bradfield Farms 2017

First, let's take a look at the activity Bradfield Farms has had recently. I took a look at 2017, January thru December:

  • 51 Sales
  • 3 Expired without selling
  • 6 Withdrawn
  • FIVE Currently "Under Contract"
  • 2 Currently for For Sale

That gives an average of 4.25 houses sold per month, so having 2 houses for sale right now indicates the market in Bradfield Farms is relatively stable, although there's still a shortage of inventory for buyers!!

The Days On Market - from when a property is listed until it sells - was strong for our neighborhood and reflects the overall market.

Our Under Contracts have averaged being on the market for 51 days - from 4 to 150 days

Out of 51 recent Sales - They ranged from 1 day to 182 days; and 34 of them were on the market for less than 30 days or less before they sold!

Price Per Square Foot -  the price per square foot of all sold homes, which ranged from a low of just over $63.00/sf to over $133/sf, did not correspond directly with the time on the market. Setting the right price, or adjusting quickly based on market conditions, based on the condition of the property got the homes sold up and down the price and size range!

So if you're considering selling and want the most activity on your listing and the best prices, it's attention to the little details that matter.

If your house needs it, it's worth it to invest in fresh (neutral) paint, carpet, clean the floors, declutter or stage, mow, fresh mulch. Homes of these years with masonite siding can have issues that should be addressed as well.

Will it sell without any work? Well, probably.  But the longer it sits on the market, the more buyers thing there's something "wrong" with it. Honestly, if you're thinking of a move, get with a trusted Realtor and listen to their advice!

Bradfield Farms Prices

I know, I know.  You're wondering about prices.

Well, for sold properties we ranged from a low of $140k to $260k.

Bradfield Farms This Year

I repeat this over and over, but throughout the market we have a shortage of homes for sale and many more buyers than there are houses. While I don't have a crystal ball, demographic shifts and net migration into the Charlotte Market point to a continuing strong real estate market.

Anyone can sell a house, but not everyone has lived in your community and can be a passionate advocate for it like I can! If you've been considering a move, I encourage you to reach out to me and let's have a conversation about the market, your home, and how to navigate the complex and confusing process!

Have a great day!


Jon Patrick

Mahool Nance Team

Helen Adams Realty

(m) 980.25