Weddington Ridge 2017 Market Snapshot!

2017 was a great year  for one of my favorite subdivisions: Weddington Ridge!

Previously I'd put up some Weddington Ridge Market Reports, looking back over the past years, months, or quarters at the sales activity in the neighborhood.  What I want to do, based on positive feedback for those, is continue to provide updates on this great community.

This time, it's a look back at the year of 2017 - January through December.

If you're a Do It Yourselfer, there are a couple of options for you.

First, just click here to see the Weddington Ridge Homes for Sale.  That list is updated constantly directly from the MLS.

Second, be sure to visit my Helen Adams site:  for tons of great info, searching for homes for sale, or even getting an estimate on the price of your home!

But now, let's take a look at the activity in 2017!

Weddington Ridge Sales Activity for 2017

Looking at the 2017 year, here's the sales activity in the neighborhood:

  • 1 Under Contract
  • 18 Sold!
  • 2 Withdrawn (1 was put back on the market and sold)
  • The average Days on Market for all properties was about 43 days, as you can see below:

While we can't find out what agreed-to price is for the under contract property, we can look at the recent sales.

The average sales price in Weddington Ridge over the past year climbed 13% to over $292,000!

If you're doing the math in your head, remember all other factors being equal, the price per square foot goes down as square footage goes up. The average price per square foot varied pretty consistently between $97 & $98.


The Weddington Ridge housing market is strong with rising prices and good times on market. Considering just the days on market and an average of about 33+/-in the community, compare that with the average around the entire Charlotte market of 48 days!

Looking at the data above and the wide range of days on market, it shows what I've seen in the community - Weddington Ridge is extremely price sensitive. Missing the market by even $5,000 in your asking price can cause your property to sit for a long time. Sellers assume a buyer will "make an offer", but I've seen time and again buyers will often just not bother with an offer if they feel a property is overpriced.  Working with your Trusted Real Estate advisor to get your home ready for sale, positioned correctly in the marketplace, and priced RIGHT from the first day will give you the best 'bang for your buck'!

In closing, anyone can sell a house, but not everyone lives in the area, loves the community, and can be a passionate advocate for it like I can! If you've been considering a move, I encourage you to reach out to me and let's have a conversation about the market, your home, how to navigate the complex and confusing process, and how our Executive-Level marketing gets houses better positioned, better marketing, more views, and gets your house SOLD!

Have a great day!


Jon Patrick

Mahool Nance Team

Helen Adams Realty

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