Nectar FroYo- Sellwood & Multnomah Village

I have been to Nectar many times, and have taken friends, family, clients there and almost everyone has said this place is unmatched. I think of it as a healthier dessert, with flavor and supreme quality. (Click the orange link for their facebook page). The flavors are always great, I love their Honey Lavender and their fruity flavors are great as well. I'm not the biggest fan of the non-dairy stuff, but that's just me personally. (I normally can't eat anything with lactose in it but this stuff doesn't bother me).

Well, now that I've moved from the Multnomah Village area, I have realized that there is one in Sellwood. Wow was I excited to find that out. Yes, there are other places like Menchies that are also great, but Nectar is cute, original, and is a great gathering spot for families, friends, clients, etc. They even serve coffee if you are not a frozen yogurt fan. Generally, I eat the lower calorie yogurt or sugar free. Some can argue the sugar free (or no sugar added) isn't the greatest for you, but then others tell me that sugar is bad for you. Who do I listen to?I still love yogurt. I think I got the love from ice cream from my dad, and in later years realized that the dairy in ice cream was doing me no good. I haven't been officially diagnosed lactose intolerant, but after allergy tests and doctor visits, a very SMART doctor FINALLY told me to cut out certain foods for a few days and bring them back in and see how I feel. I chose dairy and wheat, and boy did I get sick when I brought them back in to my diet. For all you gluten free and celiac folks out there, you'll be surprised to know that their frozen yogurt is always gluten free.

Another great thing? Their frozen yogurt has the Live and Active Cultures Seal.  "In order to carry the National Yogurt Association’s Live & Active Culture (LAC) seal, frozen yogurt must contain at least 10 million cultures per gram at the time of manufacture." Maybe the cultures in the yogurt are why I can have it without feeling sick. Their website provides a plethora of information on their yogurt, as well as there is a large poster in their store about the ingredients and quality of the yogurt. Pretty Cool! Check it out here: Frozen Yogurt Nutrition

One thing that is pretty great about Nectar is that they have locally made treats for everyone! You can get little dog treats for $1.50 each, ice cream toppings, and baked goods! There is never a huge line (that I've seen) and the cashiers seem to always be friendly. They do activity days for kids and if you sign up on their website you will get a free 5 Oz yogurt.

One of my favorite things is sampling the yogurt, they provide easy access to their sampling cups, which is a huge plus for me not having to wait for a cashier to grab a sample. It's the little things in life.

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