My Office is Everywhere

After a long day of catching up from the weekend, I just left the gym...I go to Lifetime Fitness.  I think sometimes I take for granted the fact that I create my own schedule (most of the time) and that I can pretty much make a new connection wherever I go.  I was talking with a woman after Barbell Class about our neighborhood.  Well, of course, I told her I am in Real Estate

She told me her and her husband were thinking of making a move so I offered to send her a list of some available properties when I got back to my office.  Then I thought, my office is here where I'm standing (with phone in hand).  I pulled up the MLS on my phone, she gave me her criteria and sent her the email.  So, today my office was at the gym, tomorrow my office may be at the grocery store or the gas station.

You may not know where your next client will come talk to everyone you can whenever you can.  If you are searching for a property, click the Search button at the top of this page or you can simply click here.