What Things You Just Do Not Do

When Buying a House?

At Home Kansas offers these tips on what not to do when buying a house in the Lawrence Kansas, homes in Overland Park, homes in Leavenworth, homes in Ottawa, and homes in Topeka areas.

  1. Get pre-approved instead of prequalified. Sellers want to know when you submit an offer on a house if you are pre-qualified or pre-approved. When there are 2 or more offers on a house, the deciding factor may be that one buyer was selected for being pre-approved over the other buyer only being pre-qualified. It is best to start early with a loan officer and get all pay stubs, bank statements, taxes, etc. to the loan officer so you can be pre-approved before you submit your offer.
  2. Quit a job. Quitting a job before or during the process of buying a house can and most likely will result in your not being able to buy a house for up to two years. Talk with a loan officer to see why changing jobs can end your chances of buying a house for up to two years depending on the loan type and loan investor.
  3. Buy something with credit. Buying something using your credit before you close could cancel your loan. If your debt to income ratio is too close and you make a credit purchase, it will be found when the bank runs your credit report right before closing. Wait until the day after you are closed to buy that washer and dryer or other items needed for your new house.
  4. Moving money to another account. Moving money from one account to another account is a red flag for banks. Any deposit that is over 30% of a borrower’s monthly gross income must be sourced by the bank underwriters as gifts/loans from others may disqualify you for a loan.
  5. Opening a new line of credit. Opening a new line of credit can cause a cancellation of your loan. Again, wait until the day after you close to start a new credit line.  This includes new car loans, business lines of credit, or any personal line of credit.

Text/call Rob Lang, At Home Kansas, 785-393-2274 for more home buying tips that are given over the phone or while looking at houses.  Also text Rob Lang for a FREE flyer of  the complete "10 Tips for a Smooth mortgage transaction".

To get pre-approved, contact Taylor Nedrow, Flat Branch Home Loans, 913-579-5938. Online application at www.TaylorNedrow.com

At Home Kansas offers these tips on what not to do when buying a house in the Lawrence Kansas, Overland Park, Leavenworth, Ottawa, and Topeka areas.

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This communication is provided to you for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon by you. At Home Kansas is not a mortgage lender and you should contact a mortgage lender directly to learn more about specific mortgage loan products and your respective eligibility for such mortgage loan products.

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