Home for the Holidays

Selling a home during the holidays doesn't have to be stressful.  You can still decorate and you can still enjoy everything this season has to offer.  People are generally more serious when house hunting during this time of year, so let's look at some ways to fill your home with cheer.

The same staging rules apply to the holidays as they do to any other time of year.

1. Make sure your home is clutter free.  Keep your home picked up and try to put away the excessive knick knacks. You might want to go easy on the Christmas Village collection this year.

2. Keep indoor decorations tasteful and simple.  This is important because you want your decorations to accentuate the home not overwhelm it.  This is the perfect time to make the home feel cozy.  Always keep in mind that you want the buyer to feel as if he/she could see themselves living in your home.  So put away your tree of dill pickles and stick to the basics.

3. Outdoor decorations should, once again, accentuate your home.  You don't want to go Griswold with the decorations but you don't want to be the Grinch either.  Simple lights and a wreath on the door should do it.

So as long as you remember the KISS method ( I was going to say Keep It Simple Sweetheart) .You should be good to go with spreading holiday cheer.