Statesboro Living

Just north of "The South's finest jewel", Savannah. Seasons here turn with the soil, endless fields and changing weather make you stop and realize how swiftly seasons come and go.

Please don't be fooled by our small town appearance. While the outside world views our area as a college town. Truth is there is a vibrant and diverse community that relishes the shadow Georgia Southern casts. There are some that would prefer our town remain hidden. But like any treasure, given enough time, all things get discovered.

Now is our time! We are a secret no longer. A finalist in the America's Best Community competition. Home to a growing University, Technical College and a haven for small business development. Statesboro finds itself on the cusp of a new era, a reconciliation of proud history mixed in with new and emerging technologies, fine cuisine and entertainment. If you headed south, why not check out our little community. Just be careful, you may want to stay.