The Mysterious Ghost Dog of Primm Near Las Vegas?

A family was four-wheeling 8 miles outside of the Nevada/California town of Primm on January 12th. When suddenly a thin white wolf-looking dog flashed into their view.  It ran across their path in the middle of nowhere. Was it a dog, a wolf, what was it doing out there? They tried to chase it but it was too fast.

They posted their sighting on Facebook. And people quickly told them their answer: It was likely a dog missing for two weeks out of a Primm parking lot!  On December 31, 2018, Mochi, a Jindo dog rescued from Korea, escaped his car parked in a Primm parking lot for just a few minutes. When owner Margaux H returned to the car moments later, Mochi was nowhere to be seen. Margaux searched for hours and then posted flyers all over town and online looking for her beloved Mochi. After two weeks, she was losing hope. He must have been stolen or has expired after this long in the wilderness. Would she ever see Mochi again?

After the connection was made that this may be the lost dog, Mochi, a search and trapping party was arranged to go out there on January 15th, 2018. The trappers set up camp  near a cave/den that was believed to be where Mochi was hiding. The trappers and owners waited under pitch-dark night skies and cold temperatures hoping to get a glimpse of this precious dog in peril. It was a precarious and tense situation.

In the early morning, there was some noise and action. Ready to cry? Mochi had safely been captured, rushed to a Las Vegas veterinarian, and given a clean bill of health! The mysterious dog caper had been solved and Mochi was safe after surving in the desert for two weeks on his own!