Listing Your Home During The Holidays in Las Vegas

There is a premise that listing your home for sale during November and December is a bad idea. The short rebuttal is that you should list your home whenever YOU want to do that. But here is why it is actually a very good time to sell in Las Vegas. This does not necessarily apply to all parts of the U.S. but is true for the Las Vegas area and probably most of the Southwest.

One reason why people say it is a bad time to sell real estate in November and December is because no one wants to be out in the cold and snow. Well, that generally doesn't apply to Las Vegas. And, in fact this Thanksgiving (a few days away from now!) it is expected to be 80°F. That is glorious weather to shop for a home!

Another reason is that people just aren't looking to buy during the holidays. This is not the case. Perhaps there are less people looking than some other months but there are still a lot of folks looking to buy and if your home isn't on the market, they are not buying yours! Why are many people shopping for houses in Las Vegas in November and December? It is partially a unique reason to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is still enjoying  a robust immigration to our state. People are looking to move here all throughout the year. And many want to be moved in by January. This is particularly true of those moving here due to job relocation--many transfers are set to start in the new year and folks want to be settled before the job starts. For those with leeway on when to move, they would rather not move in the summer months due to the heat.

But let me give you the best reason to list your home now: There are less homes to choose from at this time of the year so scarcity of inventory means your have a better chance of selling your home quickly and for a higher price. Because some home-sellers believe in the myth of end-of-year selling is bad, they don't list their homes. And, traditionally, they will then list in January along with everyone else thinking along the same lines. In the meantime you missed the buyers that were desperately looking at the end of the year. And now you need to compete with all of the new inventory that January brings.

Of course the end of the year IS a good time to sell. However, you should always consider what YOU WANT to do. Our inventory is still very low so at any time of the year we can still get your home sold quickly and many times with multiple offers. But don't let the myth of holiday selling prevent you from making the smart move.

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