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What I know after 32 years selling houses...

After growing up in Brooklyn, NY and moving to Los Angeles for High School at Hamilton HS, Arlyne attended CSUN and received a degree there. She was a teacher for several years and after getting married, moved to England with her husband where she had a son, Richard. After 3 years in Europe, Arlyne returned home to the San Fernando Valley and had a daughter, Amanda, while working for Los Angeles Unified Schools.  Felling she needed more, in 1988, Arlyne decided to get her Real Estate license and the rest, as they say, is history.  She has been helping people like you find that dream home for a long time. Experience is not everything but it may be the most important thing in a Real Estate transaction.

Arlyne has always been a top producer by putting her clients interests above everything else in a Real Estate deal. Arlyne "gets the job done," is what her clients tell her and she is very proud of that.  Hire Arlyne and you will get that Real Estate deal done and done well.

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Arlyne says that Real Estate is a learning experience. Every deal teaches us something new about the market, about our clients needs or even about ourselves. That is why it is still fun for her after all this time. Call Arlyne and you will not be disappointed. She will help you get the best deal for you and your family and do it with as little aggravation as possible for you.

Call Arlyne if you are serious about making this experience a good one. If this is your first home or your last, Arlyne will help you with everything from loans to movers. Make the call today...

Arlyne Szerman's Real Estate Reviews for Santa Clarita, CA and surrounding areas

Happy and satisfied clients.

As you know, selling our house was not easy for my sister and me to do. We grew up in that house, spending all our family ups and downs there, leaving for college from there but always having a familiar place to come back to. After my Mother passed away, we knew it was time sell but it was not an easy decision. We wanted to say thank you for your patience and help and your empathy on helping us get through it. Without your responsiveness and attention to detail it would have been a much more wrenching experience. Thank you for your help in this delicate situation.

Marc Taylor and Lydia Hudson

We thought buying a new house was going to be like buying a new car, nothing but a hassle and not knowing who to trust in the negotiations. But Arlyne did a top-notch job in explaining everything to us and letting us make our own decisions. She was there when we had a question, and we had lots, and was very professional without being cold or stodgy. Thank you...

Keith Williams and Tera McHugh

I can honestly say that choosing Arlyne Szerman as our Realtor was one of the best decisions we ever made. Arlyne is not the average “slick” salesperson. From our first conversation, we felt that Arlyne listened to what we needed and proceeded to figure out a way for us to find it. She really listened and found us just what we were looking for. It is the home we now own and we are very grateful to Arlyne

in helping us find it. We recommend her services very highly to everyone we meet.

Karol and Tim Johnson

I would like to take this opportunity to communicate to you our highest praise for the job you did in helping us sell and buy a new home. We had a very difficult escrow with one sale and one purchase leading to 2 other deals and though it all, Arlyne kept her head and helped us keep ours. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm as well as her endless energy and attention to detail made it all happen. I don't know where we would be today if not for her perseverance. Thanks for all your help though this difficult mess...We love our new house!!!

Ed and Leslie Mann

Arlyne was my secret weapon in the search for a buyer for my home. She got is sold for more money than I thought possible and was always committed to our success in closing this deal, even when I wasn't. She really knows her stuff. I would recommend her to all my friends.

Keith Hanrahan