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Is headed by Bill Burress , REALTOR® who has been negotiating contracts since 1980.  Bill’s wife, Debbie Burress and his brother Jason Burress are  also a licensed REALTOR® and work with Bill to give exceptional service to all of their clients. For those who would like to buy a home, Team Burress can assist you from the beginning with your search to negotiations all the way through to your closing.  Team Burress has saved many of their clients thousands of dollars through high level negotiations.

Home Sellers can benefit too from Team Burress’ high tech approach to marketing.  Sellers can benefit when Team Burress places their home for sale on thousands of web pages for internet exposure that's over the top. Team Burress also networks with local and national realtors to get the word out that your home is for sale.

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Real Estate Areas of Interest

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Bill Burress's Real Estate Reviews for West Chester, Ohio and surrounding areas

  • http://www.teamburress.com/client-testimonials/
  • “When my son (who was assisting me) and I decided to call a realtor the Internet directed us to Team Burress. When speaking to Bill we quickly learned how knowledgeable he was. He answered all of our questions and provided guidance to me each step of the way. With closing happening quickly after the home sold the first day it was listed, I really needed the Burress' help to keep my emotions in control. They did that with good advice and smiling faces. Through this team I not only found a realtor, but friends as well.”Donna Howell, Mason,Ohio8th May 2018
  • “Bill was excellent at every stage of finding me my first home. He helped me find the perfect place, and I had signed for the house in less than two months of even meeting Team Burress. Would recommend him for his knowledge and professionalism to anyone looking to buy a home.”Casey Hansman, Hamilton, Ohio24th Apr 2018
  • “Our goal was to locate a home on the east side of town closer to our children and grandchildren. We looked at several homes and even put in an offer on one. The house inspector(recommended by Bill Burress)uncovered some issues that we felt were important enough to reconsider purchasing the home. Bill was open minded and listened to our concerns. Without swaying us one way or another, we ended up backing out of the contract. Time was of the essence in that situation and Bill quickly handled all the paperwork and signatures required for that transaction to happen. Meanwhile, time was ticking for us. We now had 3 weeks to move out of our current house and were dreading the thought of double moving! We continued to search for the perfect house for us. Bill recommended we widen our search area and we did. We found a beautiful house in Milford within a few days. The house inspection went well but there were a few small items that needed to be addressed. We told Bill we would fix most of the items ourselves but he insisted we add everything to the list for the Seller to address. We also had the time constraint of 3 weeks occupancy. Bill negotiated the inspection items to our favor and even negotiated occupancy in 3 weeks! Bill Burress did an amazing job. He was knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. His recommendations, including Tracy Cecil at Paramount Residential Mortgage Group who processed our loan in less than 3 weeks, and Todd Myers at First Rate Home Inspections who did a thorough job on both houses, provided us with excellent service throughout the entire process. Bill was paramount in making this the easiest and quickest loan closing we have ever experienced! We would recommend Bill Burress to anyone looking for a house to sell or purchase.”Mary Chambers & John Overwine23rd Apr 2018
  • “With working a full time job and raising my 11 month old grandbaby my life is very busy. Bill Burress answered my calls and texts when ever I sent or made them. Between work and the baby's naps. He was also very patient waiting for a response back from me. He made my purchase so much easier, took the weight off my shoulders.”Betty and Violet Arroyo4th Apr 2018“My Wife and I had been wanting to purchase a home for our family for years, but we were reluctant to try again after we had a negative experience with another broker in 2013. Team Burress made the whole transaction smooth and easy! Bill and Debbie gave their honest opinion on a home after a showing, but only after they asked us what WE thought of the home. This was nice because they allowed us to make our own decision on the home without pushing their views on us. When Bill saw a problem with a home he pointed it out. Things like mold, electrical issues, plumbing issues, and other safety issues in/on a home were immediately brought to our attention. This action was very much appreciated since we have a 2 year old daughter who's safety in the home is a top priority! Debbie also did a fantastic job finding homes that would work for our family in the areas we were interested in living. We would send a home to Debbie that we liked or she would send homes to us that she found. She would do research on the homes and provide us with information she could find online. She never pushed us to go see a home that we weren't interested in. Bill and Debbie also never pushed us to purchase a home we thought we couldn't afford. If they found a home and we told them we couldn't afford it, no questions were ssked and we moved on to the next. Their goal was to find a home that we would be comfortable in and that we felt we could financially afford. When we finally found the home we wanted and wanted to put an offer in Bill worked quickly to get the contract drawn up for us to sign. The home we decided on was located in Anderson Township and Bill and Debbie even stopped at a restaurant to put our offer in because they were notified that the owners had other offers to consider by 10 p.m. that night. We are very grateful that Bill and Debbie decided to stop instead of continue on to their office in West Chester so that we could get the home we wanted for our family! Another positive experience that came from working with Team Burress was they recommend an awesome Loan Officer to work with. The loan officer they recommend was Tracy Cecil and he did an amazing job on our loan! We are so glad that we decided to work with Tracy instead of Guardian Bank who we had lined up to do our loan. Tracy was in constant communication with us and gave us updates often. Our whole experience with Team Burress was fantastic and we definitely will be using them in the future with any real estate needs. Thank you for being great agents to work with! We appreciate everything you did for our family to find our home!”Keith Leichty, Anderson Township29th Mar 2018
  • “As a first time homebuyer, I didn't know much about the process of buying a home, but Bill Burress made it simple. He walked me through each and every step with patience and humor, and from start to finish he made the home buying process easy and a lot less stressful than it otherwise would have been. I'll definitely be recommending him to family and friends!”Anthony Barnhart, West Chester, OH8th Mar 2018“I have known Bill and Debbie Burress for a long time and have been able to see how hard they work first hand. This made it an easy choice when it came to selecting a realtor. Bill and Debbie Burress were both very knowledgeable when it came to the market and details of the houses. They knew what to check for and look at when it came to viewing the houses. This made house shopping much easier and made me more confident I was getting a solid home. Bill and Debbie Burress always welcomed questions and were able to answer them in a very timely manner. My overall experience was great and I would recommend them to everyone.”Bobby Siegrist, Okeana Ohio29th Nov 2017
  • “Our experience selling our house was a great one. Team Burress was helpful in getting our house ready to sell and walking us through the process. The photos and other marketing of our property was extremely well done. We were under contract within 4 days of being live on MLS! The contract period is stressful and nerve wracking but Team Burress was on top of everything and patiently took us through it all step by step. Team Burress was great to work with and got us top dollar for our property. Thank you Team Burress!”James and Amber Tenhundfeld, Cincinnati18th Nov 2017
  • “Bill was wonderful to work with. He got us everything we wanted and more and in a quick, timely manner! We would recommend Bill to everyone we know!”Clarisa Reber & Alex Leveridge15th Nov 2017“I was nervous about looking for a property to purchase. I wasn’t even sure purchasing was the right decision over renting and it took me several months to really decide. Bill was patient and kind throughout my decision making process. It was clear that in addition to caring about making a sale, he also genuinely cared about me getting what was best for me. He asked all the right questions and never pushed me to do anything I wasn’t ready to proceed with. I changed my mind about house vs condo and area of town several times and he never complained! In the end he helped me find exactly what I needed and I feel great about my purchase decision. No buyer’s remorse here! Today is moving day and I am excited about my new home. Thanks to Bill and his wife,Debbie, I am moving forward”Ann Ullrich Maineville, IG8th Nov 2017
  • “Bill and Team Burress we attentive to our needs. Their knowledge and experience was very much needed and appreciated. They were great at answering any questions we had in a very timely manner. They walked us through each step of the process. We would strongly recommend Bill and Team Burress for any of your real estate needs.”Steve and Cindy, Cincinnati,Ohio17th Oct 2017
  • “Bill and Debbie are amazing realtor. Quick response when I needed them . Always there for me and treated me like a part of their family. Very knowledgeable for the real estate market. Highly recommend.”Keiko, West Chester10th Sep 2017
  • “My wife and I were greatly influenced by Bill's professional presentation as well as the great working dynamic of Team Burress. The negotiation process was really outstanding and went beyond our expectation. Having the right realtor on your side truly makes a difference. This is a real testimonial from a very real happy customer.”Cisol Hogan & Reneta Varghese3rd Jul 2017“Bill and Debbie Burress are professional agents and very helpful. I would use their services again.”Robert5th Apr 2017“We would highly recommend bill buress for your reality needs”Pat and jack gardner18th Mar 2017“My overall experience with Bill was altogether wonderful. I met Bill via phone when he answered a call I placed about a condo, He was friendly and professional. He explained his qualifications and spoke of his years of expereicne in real estate. He or a member of his team was always available for showing properties. Always punctual for appointments and meetings. Always followed up my questions or concerns quickly. The presence of Bill or his team member gave me peace of mind and confidence as I made a very expensive purchase.”Colleen Dowiat, Fairfield12th Mar 2017“Bill is very knowledgeable and helpful. He took time to meet with us, discuss strategies, and answer any questions we had. Bill would frequently call to touch base and inform us the status of our listing and eventual sale in addition to sending us regular email updates to keep us in the loop. He could always be reached throughout the day and would be willing to take your call. His sales strategies proved to be very effective when our house sold within the first four days of being listed. When we had an offer on the home, he effectively helped strategize a counteroffer. Once we made the sale, Bill helped us find people to make repairs to the home and even recommended people to help us with our buying process which was a for sale by owner. Bill was great at his job great to work with; I will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell.”Jordan VonWahlde, Fairfield12th Mar 2017