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Is it too much to expect someone on your side? Buying or selling a home can be a stressful process. You need someone on your side. I will start by asking questions: "What's important to you?" Why do you want to move?" What are you looking to accomplish?" And, I listen. I hear the little things... "I want my children to be able to play in the yard." "I love to cook.." "I'm not a handyman." I know how that translates to a home you'll love.

Is it too much to expect an honest answer? I take honesty seriously. My business is based primarily on repeat and referral business. Why? Because my buyers and sellers know I will give them honest answers, put their needs first, and honor my word. For most families, a home is their most important purchase. Whether buying or selling, I want all of my clients to know they can trust me with this most important transaction.

Is it too much to expect expertise and skill? Real estate is a complicated business. I am a full-time real esate professional who is a real estate expert. Offers, appraisals, home inspections, deeds, mortgage companies, settlement statements, closings--I will help you negotiate the maze of dealines and parperwork, explain every stage of the process and answer every question. I know the business inside and out so I can handle the process...and you can pick out the curtains.

Whether you are buying or selling, a first time buyer or an experienced investor, with Bobbi Sinyard you can expect the best. Your Agent Matters!

Real Estate Areas of Interest in NH

Real Estate Areas of Interest

Residential in Southern New Hampshire

  • Nashua, NH
  • Hollis, NH
  • Amherst, NH
  • Merrimack, NH
  • Hudson, NH
  • Milford, NH
  • Southern New Hampshire

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Bobbi Sinyard's Real Estate Reviews for Nashua, NH and surrounding areas

Bobbi helped us buy our first home 11 years ago, and when it was time to sell and look for a larger home, it was a no-brainer to work with her again. Bobbi gave us great advice on how to get our house ready for market, and recommended professionals to get all the jobs done. She took great photos, helped us price it right, and it sold in 9 days! While looking at potential new homes, she had a great eye for issues (big and small) that we may have missed. Our home inspector said Bobbi is the best realtor he has ever worked with, because she knows all the right questions to ask and is knowledgeable about everything from the roof to the furnace! When a seemingly major problem arose with our dream home, we almost walked away, but Bobbi went above and beyond to get answers from the sellers and a trusted professional. There was never any pressure to change our minds and move forward, but she made sure we had all of the information so we could make the best decision for our family. In the end, that "major problem" turned out to be a matter of lapsed maintenance, which was quickly remedied to our satisfaction, and Bobbi helped us finish the process of purchasing a wonderful house. Throughout the entire buying and selling process, she listened to our needs and wants, kept us in the loop on everything that was happening, and reminded us of important deadlines. She was professional and prepared for all showings, the inspection, and the closing tables. If you're looking for a soup-to-nuts realtor, Bobbi has the expertise to get you through the entire process painlessly. Amanda C.

Bobbi is by far the most knowledgeable realtor I have ever worked with. Her subject matter expertise is second to none and I can say this with confidence as she has helped me sell a subdivision (November 2016), sell my previous house (March 2017) and buy my current house (April 2018). She is very detailed and spotted issues that needed to be addressed by buyer/seller, anticipated potential delays and mitigated them in order for both parties to close on the agreed date. I never had to push out a closing date with any of my transactions and that is a testament to her attention to detail. Buying and selling real estate can be very stressful so if you need and a reliable realtor and want minimum stress I would highly recommend Bobbi's services. John H.

I have used Bobbi for two real estate transactions in the past (a land purchase, and a home purchase). Bobbi is really knowledgeable about the New Hampshire real estate market. She's been really patient with us in our searches for property, and was helpful when we were looking for land, suggesting good contacts for doing land surveying. She's good at figuring out what sort of qualities in properties we've been looking for, and only pinging us on properties that would interest us. If you're looking for a great agent for all of your real estate agent needs in New Hampshire, Bobbi is the one to go to. She's knowledgeable, and if she for some reason doesn't have knowledge in a particular area that's needed, she will go out of her way to get up to speed and learn about the subject to help you. I would use Bobbi again in a heartbeat, and I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family looking for a real estate agent to work with. Keith Z.

When we decided to sell our home of 25 years, we did our due diligence, interviewing several realtors as well as their references. From the beginning, it was clear that Bobbi had the professional expertise, marketing savvy and sense of humor that was needed to get the job done. Now that it has been a few months since our closing, we understand that we also found a Mentor, Guru, Guardian Angel, Champion and Friend who helped us to navigate an emotional roller coaster and actually achieve a successful, positive major milestone in our lives. As a Mentor and Guru, Bobbi shared her vast professional expertise as well as her network so that our house was ready for prime time and the Spring market. Bobbi used her in-depth knowledge to position, market and price our home. She was proactive and willing to try new things. To showcase our house to its best advantage, she enlisted a firm that produced a 3-D video. Since we were long distance owners, we relied on Bobbi and her team to make sure that our home was always show-worthy and well-maintained. Even though we were in different time zones, she was always there when we needed her. She used many tools to communicate and keep us on track. As a Guardian Angel and Champion, we appreciated that we had Bobbi to guide us through the ups and downs of one of the largest, most stressful financial transactions in our lives. We learned that in real estate, the devil is in the details and everything is negotiable. When the situation seemed impossible, Bobbi was able to steer clear of the major obstacles. She was able to keep our eye on the prize while she bird-dogged the minutiae of the deal to the bitter end. She was our best advocate, but also provided counsel to assure that all parties felt treated fairly. We laughed, we cried and we celebrated throughout the sales process. We are delighted to now have Bobbi as our Friend. In every instance, she went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations. If you want an agent to be there for you when you decide to sell your house, then you should call Bobbi Sinyard. Jen S.