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I am passionate about providing personal service, excellent communication, and professional expertise—with enthusiasm and energy—to give people successful results, whether they are looking to buy or sell their primary residence or an investment property.

I have over a decade and a half of real estate experience, initially focusing on title research for investors who buy foreclosure properties. This background gives me an important edge: In one transaction, a title problem led my client's attorney to recommend that he forgo a particular investment opportunity. I was able to clear the title problem, paving the way to a successful and extremely profitable transaction for my investor. Through my experience with title research, I can better explain to homeowners why it's vital that they purchase owner's title insurance. One of my favorite sayings is, "Every title tells a story!"

My experience with real estate auctions reinforces my advice to my seller clients: "In order to generate excitement for your property, always price your house at or below market value right from the very start."

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