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We are Realtors/Investors with a passion for Real Estate! 21 YEARS in this great business! As an Investor, I've Rehabbed, Restored, and Resold (Flipped) hundreds of homes in 7 states, involving several hundred escrows. I've been through several market fluctuations in the Real Estate Commercial and Residential marketplace.As a Licensed Realtor in the State of California, I can help you with your Real Estate needs. I have been on the buying side and the selling side in hundreds of transactions and consider myself an Expert in negotiations! As a seller, The Mrkonic Real Estate Group can market your property utilizing all the latest traditional and online Marketing Techniques to obtain Top Dollar for your property! We hold nothing back and treat your property like it's one of our fully rehabbed Investment sales. As a buyer, we can help you find your ideal Dream home or Investment property. We utilize all of the latest search engines available only to Licensed Realtors. We have the knowledge and experience to see you through the Real Estate buying process. As experienced Investors, we have seen many properties, so we know exactly how to determine if the property is a good buy , or not!Choose a Realtor who has seen it all! Have the confidence and trust in knowing that you are in the best hands with the Mrkonic Real Estate Group! DRE 0209270

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