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Debbie was born in Savannah, GA, and grew up in a military family. During her father’s career in the Army, Debbie has had the opportunity to live in many places. She lived in Indiana, Germany, Texas, and once her father retired, her family settled in Waycross, Georgia. Debbie is married to a Naval Officer. As a Navy wife, she has had the pleasure of experiencing life in Maine, Virginia and Florida. Living in so many different places throughout her life has given Debbie the intricate knowledge of transplant life to help all of her customers, especially military ones.

“I love working with all of my customers and I especially love helping people with an urgent need to buy or sell, like military customers,” said Debbie. “I do feel that I can relate to their unique circumstances and have empathy for them, since I have actually walked in their shoes. It's very stressful to move often, move to places you've never been and have no idea of the areas or the school systems, etc.” Since she is used to doing a ton of research on an area before her family moves, she can anticipate customer’s concerns and completely understand the urgency in finding their home. Most times, military families only come for one visit to find their home.

“It's a great feeling to see my buyer's faces light up when they find out they got the house they really wanted for a great price or that we won the multiple bidding war,” said Debbie. “I'm pretty sure I feel just as happy as they do!”

She really loves meeting new people, listening and trying to help them through whatever they may be going through. It's never just as simple as buying or selling a house, because life always gets in the way. Debbie has a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Valdosta State University and she has found that it really helps her out in all of her transactions.

Before real estate, she was in several service industries including human resources, waiting tables, childcare, and substitute teaching. Debbie became a real estate agent in April of 2013 because she wanted a career where she could really help people, and still have the flexibility of time to allow her to be truly present with her family. Debbie has been married to Cory since 2001, and has three children, Sean, Scott, and Sarah. She has lived in Jacksonville from 2003-2008 and returned to Jacksonville in 2011. Debbie is waiting to help you in your next transaction!

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"Debbie is an outstanding service person" - John B.
"Debbie took care of my real estate needs on day one" - Emma D.