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"My mission is to provide you with exceptional care whether you are looking to rent, sell, or buy a property at every budget level.  My objective is to make your experience smooth, efficient, and successful as possible!”

Originally from California, John’s passion for real estate started with his real estate investments right out of college.  John lived in San Francisco and graduated from Golden Gate University where he earned his MBA.  He now resides in New York City for over 10 years and has built an extensive network of contacts and resources.

Clients can expect an efficient, respectful, and open communication when it comes to their real estate needs.  John believes in listening to the client and be hands-on throughout the process.  John works with an extremely knowledgeable team at R New York so no matter how complicated the transaction, there is a solution.

John strives to provide his clients with quality service and personal attention to meet their real estate goals.

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Real Estate Areas of Interest

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  • New York City, NY

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