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I have lived in the Maryville, Blount County area of Tennessee for 25 years.  Love this area, a great place to raise a family.  My husband is a semi-retired building contractor so I also have much knowledge of residential properties.  My daughter is also a real estate agent.  I have three young grandchildren and I am very fortunate that they live nearby so I get to see them often.

Family is important to me and I have a keen sense of what is important in home ownership.  I treat my clients as if they are an extended family member and see that their needs are met.

Real Estate Areas of Interest in TN

Real Estate Areas of Interest

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Blount County is located just south of Knoxville Tennessee.  We have a wide variety of homes to fit every need.  I work with both buyers and sellers.  Whether you are a first-time homeowner, a family that is growing and requires you to find a larger home, or maybe it is time for you to downsize, perhaps you have a large home and the kids  have moved out and you no longer need the larger home or the larger yard,  the right home is out there just waiting to be discovered.  A little about this area  -  The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is just minutes away and offers natural trails, waterfalls, camping, and pretty mountain views.  The Airport is nearby.  Knoxville is nearby and home to the University of Tennessee.  We have entertainment, craft shows, antique car shows.  Most areas are within minutes to the major highways so you can get anywhere in no time. We have great tourist attractions nearby.  Have you ever hear of a place called Dollywood?  We have all four seasons (just enough of each season, not too extreme winters and not too extreme summers).  I think you will love it here.

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