We can and We Will

Help you buy or sell a house!  Some folks are just terrified of the process, so I try my best to make it as stress free and easy as I can. You don't need to know anything, just let me know your'e interested and I'll begin the process.  I have a teammate that I work with who is also very experienced,so between the two of us, we get the job done,every time....

You want to buy a home ,but where do you start? Your credit score is the first place ,because that pretty much tells the tale of how well you are handling your finances.  The higher the better of course ,but some lenders take a 620,some as low as 580 but you'll need a steady work history and no late payments or collections. There are SO many different loan types,and while I am not a lender,I can tell you that some offer very low or even NO downpayment.

Selling? Declutter,CLEAN CLEAN, paint,mow,trim,scrub dust. The cleaner your house  is and the neater your curb appeal will  go a VERY long way to potential buyers and will also bring the best price. Price, you say? What you would LIKE to get and what you will get is often a topic of much discussion between seller and Realtor. A high price tag sounds great but will it work in the current market? If the house goes on the market and sits with no showings,then its time to change up the tactics. Usually it means lowering the price or repairing something that needs fixing, sellers love to be able to just move in without doing alot of handy work ahead of time.A fresh coat of paint goes a long long way too.

So when the time comes, lets talk, and the keys will be in your hands before you know it!