Preparing for your move while selling your home.

Congratulations! you have your home under contract, cleared inspections, and now you need to focus on all the little things that will prepare you for your move. Call/text Joshua Painter P.A. if you need help getting your home sold!; Pack up and organize all the rooms in boxes. Label your boxes so you can easily identify what room to take the box to when you are unpacking.; Consider buying a storage unit to move items to that allows you to borrow their free moving truck for the day.; Know what your utility companies are and close or transfer the services the day after your closing. ( cable, internet, phone, cell, electric, gas, water, and sewer); change addresses to the Post Office, drivers license, Irs, social security, voter registration,banks, loans, investments, credit cards, store credit cards, Paypal, Automated payments, place of employment, insurance, doctors, schools, friends and family, subscriptions, associations,