Lessons Learned From The Pandemic- Finding Your "Ideal Home"

By now, we’ve all come to realize how important our home is to our well-being. If you were not in an optimal situation for you and yours, it’s now time to start doing some deep thinking about where you’d like to be and what works now.

I’ve learned that as a Realtor, being proactive for my Buyer clients each day helps them know that nothing will slip away. In addition to stalking the MLS, I now reach out to my extensive network of local agents. Once a buyer client has nailed down a neighborhood,  I use loads of resources at my disposal to make sure we are first.

I know the local area extremely well after selling real estate full time HERE for more than 30 years. To learn more about me quickly, Google  Kathy O’Donnell- RE/MAX Properties, Ltd.

My website is https://homesinbucks.com.

If you are considering making a move, we first need to know “Where To?”. Being a RE/MAX agent, I have freedoms that other agencies are unlikely to allow. Call me at 215-499-4016 to talk further.

Beginning in 1988, I left the real world of being in the Financial Department of a huge corporation and decided to leave a great position in a company that was growing exponentially. I very quickly connected with a lady name Jo from Atlanta who worked for Corporate Homes of America. She immediately knew I'd do whatever it takes to keep her corporate moves sailing along smoothly. She had contracts with big companies and gave me loads of great referrals. I got to know Bucks County better than anyone.

I've had three great learning experiences in life, the last of which is this Pandemic. There is nothing more important than having a home you "love". Finding the perfect home for you is critical, so no matter where life takes us, you love where you are.