My Offer To You

Let’s start with Buyer and Seller Closing Costs:

So many companies being advertised on TV are looking to confuse you. An understanding of the facts is critical.

Sellers pay a 1% Transfer Tax in Bucks County, the Commission and a few hundred dollars in fees to obtain the Water, Sewer, and Tax Certifications. There is also a $195 fee to Coordinate all aspects of the closing process.

To be competitive in Bright MLS, you need to advertise a 2.5% co-op. If for any reason we don’t need another agent to facilitate the sale, you BENEFIT. I credit you 2% on the fee. I know from experience that I now have two parties to service, which is a lot.

If you wish to sell your home to someone you know, I can handle all sides of the transaction for 1%-2.0%. I know of several people who used their attorneys to facilitate their sale and experienced lots of headaches, as each side added extra paperwork to protect themselves. The largest missing component in using an attorney as opposed to me is they don’t make house calls with buyers who may need hand-holding. Buyers and Sellers typically buy and sell so infrequestly, that they need someone to guide them.

As a buyer, you pay all fees related to inspections, title insurance, 1% transfer tax, and mortgage fees. They spend a $95 fee to Coordinate their side of the closing.

I make no money on the Coordination fee in my practice. It is a pass-through. Most agents do add on a payment to themselves, which I never have.

I am a Highly Experienced, Full-Service Agent with a Top Quality company, who knows how to save my clients money. Let’s talk soon to discuss your situation in detail. Put my 30 plus years of experience to work for you!