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I bring to you those qualities I look for in other professionals: integrity, experience, knowledge, and cutting edge skills. My 40+ year career has revolved around customer service in the real estate and technology industries, and has regularly involved utilizing technology in new and unique ways to do a better and more accurate job. You might think that there are a limited number of things that can be done to utilize advanced technology to facilitate the real estate buying and selling processes— that’s a misconception among real estate professionals that has allowed Tunell Realty to set itself ahead of the rest.

Complementing our experience and expertise, our sophisticated array of technological tools puts us on the cutting edge:

· Online contract system.

· State of the art website with online brochures.

· Email marketing campaign of your property directly to thousands of local agents and prospective buyers.

· Automated MLS searches and email updates for home buyers.

Our team of Realtors is ready to put our experience and arsenal of tools to work for you, and with a minimum of 30 years in Northern Virginia for each of our Realtors, you can be assured we know the trends and where the values are.

Experience and Professionalism

There is much more to buying or selling a home than signing a contract and showing up at settlement. You need to be aware of your rights, obligations and options! We’re here to lead you through all the details contained in disclosure and disclaimer statements, to spearhead negotiations, and facilitate inspections - to name but a few. You will also need to understand the fine points contained in Home Owner Association (HOA) and Condominium documents, and what they mean to you as a prospective buyer or seller.

So many important factors need to be considered in your decision-making process. You will need to know comparable home values; how to decide between new versus existing homes; the differences between well water/septic systems and public water/sewer systems. Today, savvy buyers should also consider assessing structural integrity, pests, lead-based paint, radon, mold….even asbestos.  Are you prepared to manage all this?

Make sure your Realtor has the experience you need, and the professionalism you deserve, to ensure your best interests are being protected!

Responsiveness and Availability

Here’s a very simple test: What method of contact has your Realtor advertised, and how long does it take him/her to respond to you? The market might be taking a break now from the “bidding wars” and multiple contracts of just a few months ago, but your Realtor should not be!

If other agents or buyers are trying to reach your Realtor for information on the home you have listed, it is critical that the call be answered or responded to immediately….an unanswered or unreturned call could cause an interested and qualified buyer to move on to the next home.

And, if you are a buyer interested in available homes, your Realtor should have the time and resources to find the homes that best suit what you are looking for, and just as importantly, be available to show them to you.

Not too long ago when selling your home, your Realtor could barely get home with your signed Listing Agreement before the phone would ring with an Offer (or two!)…..and conversely, by the time your Realtor got you to a home or property you were interested in, there were already multiple offers ahead of yours.

Selling  was easy then. Buying not quite so easy!  Times are different now, and we are taking advantage of that difference to your benefit!

The Plan!

Selling requires more than simply entering your home in the MLS; people need to be driven to your home!

Along with the MLS, we:

· develop high quality, informative brochures promoting your home and directly supply copies to thousands of local Realtors.

· advertise in local/regional papers.

· Hold open houses for the public and real estate professionals, and send postcards to neighbors to generate interest.

· use our large network of contacts to market your home.

If you are a buyer, we:

· Have the most up-to-date technology to inform you automatically and immediately of homes or  properties meeting your criteria. You will know within minutes/hours (not days!!) of a new listing.

· And once you find the ideal property, we will immediately prepare a fair and competitive offer, and present it to the seller.