Grand Old Granbury

On the historic town square of Granbury you will find the newly renovated Granbury Opera House, an edifice steeped in history. Built in 1866 it once housed a saloon on the ground floor along with 5 others on the city square. Time and the elements took their toll on the building which recently underwent a dramatic renovation restoring it to its period splendor. Worth a visit just to see the stunning lobby it also hosts the Granbury Theatre Company as well as special events and concerts.

Among the many wonderful legends of the area is one that surrounds the theatre or more pointedly one of the towns former residents. John St. Helen (who's name still graces one of the stores on the square) is reputed to be none other than John Wilkes Booth. The presidential assassin is said to have fled to Granbury where he lived under the assumed name of John St. Helen. A cousin of Booth lived in the area at the time which would seem to lend some credence to the tale, as does the fact that Booth and his more famous brother would have toured through the area. According to accounts Booth thought he was going to die and made a death bed confession to a priest and a few friends. He is said to have told them where to find the gun that killed President Lincoln under the boards of a certain house. After he recovered Booth/St. Helen fled the town and searchers are said to have recovered the gun from the described hiding place. While the story has never been definitively proved, it makes for a great mystery to explore.

One of the most beautiful theatres for the time period it warrants a visit from anyone happening through the area and is a great place to take visitors who want to see the local sights.