Homes In Sumter County

Born and raised in Sumter County.

The best  part about Sumter County is the  support you can always find from neighbors or friends.  There are lots of stories  I can share about this area and the people in it . My favorite of all time was my Papa . He was a railroad man, farmer, rancher, cattleman, cook ,fishermen ,deacon and the best grandparent there ever was .

I recently ran across an audio tape where one of the locals  video taped him  on his experience and history of his family . How and why they settled in Wildwood,FL.

He talks about back in the day the railroad  track only run to the little town north of Wildwood called  "Dallas " right outside of Oxford . The farmers and ranchers  in the South end of the county  ( Bushnell  ) would gather there cattle ,and herd and head them towards Dallas in time to get them to  the trains to be sold  . Along the way between there if a farmer couldn't make it because of health or other problems . You would look out after one another farmer  / neighbor would add your stock to his and drive them for you .   Whatever money they yield would be brought to you on the trip back .  There's more to the stories but that's for another blog .

I Love the story because ,I Love horses , I Love the country life  . But most of all  I Love the fact of helping one another in times of need  .

Say Hi to my grandpups  Roxy and Cloey