How to Increase Showings of Your Home

This is the home I want! Wow, wouldn't you like to hear that from a customer?

The more your home is shown, the greater the odds of getting an offer - it's just simple math. How do you increase the number of times your home is shown?

1. Don't limit the times your home can be shown. If the buyer is only in town a few days and can't see your home on their schedule, you might miss out on a potential sale.

When an agent views the showing instructions and your home can only be shown on the weekend or an agent needs a 48 hour window to show, it reduces your showings. An agent may not call to see if your home can be shown at a different time.

2. Don't insist that your agent be at the showing, unless there is really a strong reason to do so. Homes shown first are those that can easily be viewed. If you had to have someone accommodate you to the grocery, would you have the freedom to go to the grocery on your schedule? If the buyer is showing several homes and can only see yours if your agent is there, your chances of getting a showing are reduced. Don't you want your home shown first and easily?

3. Locboxes are good - if they are secure. Never ever let an agent put a combination lockbox on your property unless it's vacant and there's nothing to take from the property. You're asking for trouble if you use a lockbox where the combination can be given out to contractors, friends of your customers, etc.

Supra Lockboxes are costly so some agents won't use. But your home deserves the best in safety and protection. Supra is available only to Realtors and MLS members and operates by bluetooth technology. It lets your agent know who is using it and the date and time it's being used. It even has an automatic feedback system in place. An email will be sent to your agent asking the showing agent to give feedback on the buyer's interest. That information should be forwarded to you. The use of a Supra lockbox on your property definitely increases the chances of your home being shown. It doesn't have to be placed on the front door - it can be hidden in an accessible place on your property.

4. Don't discount the buyers' feedback. They are viewing your competition! If it's an easy fix, like changing the paint color, do so!

5. Your odds of getting increased listings depends on the quality of the pictures . Quality pictures, preferably HDR, taken by a professional photographer are a must. Internet exposure with exceptional pictures are a requirement in today's real estate market.

Any questions? Please give me a call. I'd be happy to help.