Our yard/garden is the ultimate symbol of spring. Nothing beats watching the grass get green again and the flowers and trees start to bud! To make the very most of your yard/garden, take the time to care for it:

  • First, check your gardening tools and make sure they’re in good shape. If not, buy what you need.
  • For a beautiful lawn, keep your yard clean and pull out weeds at the root. Use a lawn aerator (available at tool rental centers) to boost the health of your grass. Once your grass has grown and turned nice and green, give it a mow and leave the cut grass on top—it will act as a natural fertilizer. You can also spread fertilizer after the first mow to fortify your lawn.
  • Consider pruning your trees and shrubs. Start by cutting off any dead or damaged branches. Then trim your summer or fall flowering bushes. If your hedges are looking sparse, now’s the time to fertilize them. The same goes for any diseased or pest-plagued trees or shrubs.
  • Spring is the best season for pruning and transplanting your perennials. Be sure to bury any exposed roots, add fertilizer and replace old mulch with a fresh layer. You can also plant annuals to add a splash of color or fill in gaps in your flowerbeds.
  • If you have a vegetable garden, turn the soil to properly aerate it, spread compost and manure and then mix it in with a rake. Now you’re ready to plant your seedlings/plants.

If you're like me and need some inspiration as to what to plant, where to plant, colors to use, etc, there are plenty of resources online.   You can find spring landscaping ideas online or even seek advice from neighbors who you’ve seen have many spring yards. You can also seek the help of landscaping companies that can give you an idea of the latest trends in your local area.

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Spring lawn