Why Naples for your vacation home?

Are you looking for your forever home? 
Naples FL has made the top 10 places to live in many publications the past several year's. The articles attribute Naples to one of the healthiest places to live as well as, safest, happiest and friendliest. Of course we think it’s the most beautiful town in Florida! Our streets are very well maintained with landscaping and most Avenues lead directly to the beaches. Naples offers year round sunshine with an average daytime winter temperature of 72 degrees. We have many styles of homes to choose from including condo’s, coach homes, cottages, small, medium and large single family as well as estate homes and beach high-rises. Naples is located at the southern tip of the west coast of FL with our famous sister city of Marco Island bordering the south. We have low property tax and many amenities for a small town, including art festivals, theaters, marinas, private airports, many parks and a beautiful downtown 5th Avenue. We are starting to be recognized for our medical services too. We now have 4 large full service hospitals as well as smaller ones scattered on many corners. We have a state of the art, brand new children’s hospital and a woman’s center located at NCH hospital.

It’s easy to get excited about Naples, but sometimes people can get confused about all the different styles of communities to choose from and what they each offer for the price. That’s where I come in handy! Don’t be shy.... that’s why I’m writing this blog. I want you to reach out to me by phone, email or text and I can help you quickly narrow down a couple perfect communities that meet YOUR needs and budget. A few minutes of conversation can save you hours of clicking around. Let’s talk over your plans and don’t make the same mistake so many others have made. That mistake is wishing they had moved here sooner!