Paula's Post

When Fairhope was founded, the first visitors called it "Utopia" and said it had a "fair hope" of success.  Well, that was an understatement!  All along the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay was where the more affluent Mobilians came to escape the heat and mosquitos.  They built small cottages near the water where there is generally a breeze.  There was even a nudist colony here.

Fairhope has always welcomed the free-thinkers, the artists, those who walk to the sound of their own drummer.  That is what makes Fairhope the special place it is today. We have had several well known authors, such as W.E.B. Griffin, Sonny Brewer, Winston Groome, and I am sure others I don't know.  Our Art Center is thriving with activities all through the year.  We even have an independently owned bookstore which was founded back in the 1960's and is still run by the same family.

OF course being right on Mobile Bay, our restaurants serve the freshest seafood.  You don't have to wander far to dine in a first class restaurant and you can be assured of getting local, fresh seafood!

Driving along South Mobile Street, which is Alternate Highway 98 or Scenic 98, you will see some of the  most beautiful Bay front homes anywhere.  But there are homes on the Bay that are affordable even if you are not a gazillionaire.  The renowned Grand Hotel is along this route.  It has been completely renovated and is beautiful.  The views of the Bay from the back are unmatched anywhere.

There is history here.  Come for a visit and learn about our area.  The Grand Hotel served as a hospital during the Civil War and there is a Civil War Cemetery near there.  There is much to see in our area and once you come, you'll want to stay!