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There are 3 MLS's in Eastern Kansas -- the Kansas City MLS, the Lawrence MLS, and the Topeka MLS.  Rob Lang of At Home Kansas is one of only the very few of the 18,600 area REALTORS who subscribes to all three MLS's.  This is important as agents from Kansas City can list Topeka or Lawrence area properties and buyers will miss out on properties unless they search on www.MoKanHouses.com or the few other agent websites who subscribe to all three MLS's.

When you click on the link above, you land on:

Find Your Kansas Dream Home

MoKanHouses has houses for sale from all three MLS's that serve 30+ counties in MO and Kansas

Simply type in the city, click on the price range, number of bedrooms, baths, and click search.

If you type in Overland Park you land on the 166 homes of  Overland Park Kansas Houses For Sale.

If you type in Lawrence you land on the 94 homes of  Lawrence Kansas Houses For Sale.

If you type in Topeka you land on the 203 homes of Topeka Kansas Houses For Sale.

No matter what city you type in for Eastern Kansas, you can fine tune your search by the additional filters of property, price reduction, square feet, lot size, year built, how many floors, schools ratings, HOA, parking, basement, pool, waterfront, view, price per square foot, fireplace, outdoor space, hardwood floors, accessible features, senior community, and more.

You can save searches and request showings directly from the property page.  This site covers 17 counties in Eastern Kansas so if your dream home search is in a wide geographical area, www.MoKanHouses.com is your go to website.

Need to know "What's the Market Value of My House?", then click on this link.  Rob Lang, At Home Kansas, 785-393-2274 provides you with an instantaneous valuation report, a more detailed 9 valuation report, and a Build Your Wealth in real estate report that will show your house's equity, your savings available by making additional small amount payments toward principal, how much house you can afford to trade up to, what your property is predicted to make if rented on AirBNB and much more.

NOTE:  Number of properties shown above for the three cities are based on a search done during Super Bowl LV.

Master bedroom and master bath in a Drippé Homes built house