Preparing Your Home for Sale in Lavallette NJ

Homes for sale in Lavallette, NJ

Preparing Your Home for Sale in Lavallette

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Are you selling your waterfront home in Lavallette, New Jersey? Currently, the medium listing price of homes for sale is at about $700,000.

The advantage is that there is a continuous stream of buyers hoping to purchase oceanfront homes, condos, townhomes, and luxury homes for sale in Lavallette.  But this does not mean that you should just sit back after listing your home, hoping for the best.  To get the best possible price, you must adequately prepare your home for sale. Here are some tips that can help:

1.    De-clutter

The ideal situation is selling your home after you have moved out.  If this is the case, the first process you will undertake is packing up all your stuff. Even if you live in the home while it's listed on the market, it is essential to prepare it for the numerous house viewings arranged by prospective buyers and their representative agents.

Strip down your home to its bare minimum. Homebuyers always engage in a visualization process to picture where they will fit everything in their new home. If it's cluttered,  it means less space for their belongings and a higher chance of skipping out on the property.

2.     Increase curb appeal

When selling your waterfront home in Lavallette, New Jersey,  your home will compete with other comparable properties with similar features.  You can stand out amongst the crowd by giving your home its best curb appeal.

It involves mowing the grass, cleaning the driveway, edging, weeding, among other landscaping activities. You can perform some of the landscaping tasks by yourself.  It’s possible to hire the necessary equipment such as a lawnmower. For expert results, you may need to work with a professional company.

3.    Clean the interior

It seems like common advice, but not all homes are sparkling clean when potential buyers show up for the viewings.  Remember that first impressions matter when you’re listing your home for sale in Lavallette, New Jersey.

If you have carpets,  explore the possibility of having them cleaned professionally. Similarly, wipe down all surfaces and ensure that there is minimal dust.  Buyers are a smart bunch and will even open concealed compartments in your cabinets, just to gauge the house’s overall cleanliness.

4.     Stage your home like a professional

Staging your home in Lavallette is all about achieving the best presentation.  Think of the process as if you are staging your house for a professional TV crew recording a show that will be viewed by millions of viewers countrywide.

Various techniques can be Incorporated during the staging, including ensuring that there is maximum natural light and picking a day when the weather is favorable. Some homeowners and staging experts go as far as incorporating special aromas to playing soft music in the background.

5.    Work with an experienced real estate agent

The problem with taking on the challenge of selling your home in Lavallette New Jersey alone is that you will be out of touch with the current state of the housing market.

The real estate agent provides so much value besides just getting your home listed in the MLS. They can provide guidance on preparing your home for prospective buyers.  You will get to draw from their vast pricing experience.  And an excellent real estate agent prevents you from selling yourself short and getting less than you deserve.

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