Have You Been Considering Selling Your Home?

When considering if now is a good time to sell you home, ask yourself this question. Are you willing to "invest" the time necessary to present your home in the best light possible to potential buyers? If the answer is yes, then circle the wagons and discus with your family members who will do what, when, and how! Sharing the prep work on the house prior to putting the house on the market will make the process easier for everyone! This can be a fun and exciting journey.

There are lots of knicky knak details that take only a few minutes to fix, like tightening up the screws on a loose door handle or putting a little WD-40 on a sliding door, but there are other maintenance issue that usually require some elbow grease. Making time to get your home ready before your house goes on the market while may seem daunting at times, but in the end will be well worth the effort. Buyers will be oohing and ahhing over your house and hopefully, will submit an offer that is for top dollar!

Having a checklist will be especially helpful. Having a plan and a guide will make things much much easier. Not only is it vital to have your home look its best on the inside, but also it should also look its best on the outside and as they say in the vernacular "curb appeal". A house that has lots of eye candy on the outside begs the passersby to want to look at the inside, for obvious reasons. Having the grass manicured and the weeds pulled out from the flower beds might seem mundane but to the buyer, it shouts LOOK AT ME, especially if there are other homes for sale in the neighborhood and yours has the best looking yard! Which one would you want to tour first? Stand out from the competition! Email me and I will send you my Seller's Guide and Checklist that's full of lots of great tips and tricks to help you along the way. You can reach me either through my website https://johnconleybhgre.com or at jrconley@att.net