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32 | Renewed

In 1999, when the 51Hwy was completed, the 32nd Street corridor saw vehicle traffic go from an average of 40,000 vehicles per day to a mere 18,000 per day.  THis, unfortunately, saw a decline in businesses and ushered in a localized recession.  From 1999 to 2016 the area suffered greatly, with many bussiness going out of business, empty retail locations, and  drop in property values.

The revitalization project of 32nd and Shea, coined “32 Renewed” has ushered in the the future of the area.  It has brought in new businesses, road improvements, local artists, and a new restaurant destination where several new restaurants have opened since.

The city of Phoenix's commitment to this project is evident, not only in funding but in results.  85028 is, in my opinion, The New Magic Zip Code."  Come see what everyone is talking about.

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Currently, there are 58 Residential, 2 Lots and Land, and 11 Rental listings in 85028.

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32 | Renewed