Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

  • Agents sign up for zip codes through out Exclusive Zip Code Availability Map.

  • The zip code that you purchased is yours exclusively! ALL listings in the zip are then branded with your contact information and photo.

  • Leads are then delivered to your email inbox as they come in. You can also set up leads to go straight to your CRM of choice. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

Up your Leads with the Key Difference:

Crowd-Sourced Marketing©

To keep our services so affordable, we work together to achieve what we could not alone by using something we call Crowd-Sourced Marketing©. By creating unique pages through our service, you're boosting the site nationally and yourself locally!

Through our SEO-friendly site, even a few simple pages make a HUGE difference.

What You Get with Every Zip Code Purchase

  • Exclusive Zip Code

    We only sell a zip code once to ONE agent

  • Lead Generation

    Passive and Crowd-Sourced Marketing™ brings in leads in two different ways

  • Agent Share Button

    Share any page, anywhere, on the site through the agent share button to lock in people who click through to you

  • Personalized Website

    A central bio page with a personalized, dedicated URL, agent blog, and UNLIMITED landing pages

  • Web Presence in Your Area

    With hyper-localized landing pages, finding clients in YOUR area has never been easier

  • Excellent Hands-On Support

    With personalized sessions available, email and phone support and only real, live people answering the phone, we’re here to help you every step of the way

Zip code FAQ

  • Do I have to sign a contract or commit to a certain amount of time if I sign up?

    No! As agents ourselves, we despise contracts - so we made sure we found a way to get rid of them when we designed No contracts. No hidden fees. No referral fees. Ever.

  • What do I get for my money?

    Your own exclusive hyper-location defined by your Zip Code, "Houses for Sale in Dallas" or "Houses for Sale in Los Angeles". Passive and Active Lead Generation. Your own website with unlimited landing pages, including hyper-local neighborhood landing pages and even your own blog page. All leads are automatically sent straight to you. Use of the Agent Share Button which allows you to post on any digital format (social media or email in two clicks), which is great for spreading the word about your business.

  • Why should I pick

    1. We're affordable
    2. Run by agents
    3. Have NO contracts
    4. Offer only the best customer service
    5. And are constantly improving our site for both agents and their potential clients!
  • How are your zips priced?

    Instead of charging $250+/month like other services, our Exclusive Zip Codes are priced between $5 and $35 according to the population and the average price of a home within the zip code. The higher these two numbers, the more the zip code will cost.

    Pricing Example

    Today, you buy a zip code for $25.
    Then, you pay $5 a month until you receive a valid lead.
    All of our leads go through rigid quality control performed by a live human being.
    Once you receive a valid lead, you will pay $25 a month for your zip code.



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  • "Wow, I just finished setting up my zip codes, the agent profile and the City Landing Pages. There is an amazing amount of customization allowed. It's easy to navigate and build the pages. I have my own site and have been paying attention to SEO for a few years now. We get nice traffic and a reasonable amount of leads just from our blogging and SEO efforts on a wordpress site. I'm excited to see the future of this Houses for Sale site and look forward to being connected. Thanks for the quick customer support responses!"

    Sheryl P.

  • "I have received leads and actually shown properties because of Houses for Sale. I'm very excited for the possibilities!"

    Shelby G.

  • "In just a few short weeks of setting up my Houses For Sale local business page and using the SEO suggestions, I have seen my business on the 1st page of Google when searching houses for sale in my area. I have spent many dollars on Google adwords and have not seen this kind of success. Thank you"

    Kelly P.

  • "This website/company is a superior alternative to the other popular searchable websites. I had previously purchased Zillow and zip codes and competed against other agents. My conversion rate wasn’t bad but it can’t beat HFS where you are the only featured agent AND it’s MUCH less expensive to advertise here. Plus, I like the fact that this is an agent-owned-and-operated business. In addition, the customer service, innovative environment, and camaraderie among participants make this marketing tool my favorite lead generator."